What I Learned From My Paleta Juice Cleanse

The truth is it’s mostly psychological. A 2-day juice cleanse won’t make too much of a difference in your overall health. In fact, doctors will tell you that our bodies eliminate toxins naturally anyway. But when I received my 2 bags of cold pressed juices from Paleta, I welcomed  this chance to do another cleanse , my second juice cleanse.  It would be a great way to jump start my health regimen. Since I’m not very good with exercising and always eating a balanced meal, anything that gets me on track is a good thing. It’s sad but true.

Paleta Juices | Juice Cleanse | Marcie Taylor

So challenge accepted!  My kids are like “Why are you doing it again?”  While my husband was supportive.  Then they saw me through day 1 and by mid-day of day 2 I wanted to nibble at my son’s chicken, and he said, “Mom that’s cheating.” So I put the chicken back and took a gulp of water. Two days, it’s only two days. I’m such a wimp.

I made it. Two days on a liquid diet. It wasn’t bad. After the crabbiness of the first day, my body had gotten used to it. Maybe I could make it three days next time.  The juices are yummy and organic. Although the Red Root was not to my taste, I totally looked forward to the chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, made with almond, cashew, dates, vanilla bean, cocoa (for the chocolate), strawberries (for the strawberry milk shake). I could drink those all day.

So what did I learn from my 2 day Paleta juice cleanse?

You can do whatever you set your mind to.




Motivation | Marcie Taylor | Eat Paleta


After my juice cleanse, I started cleaning out closets at home. That’s a tougher challenge, to clean clutter.  But I know I can do it.

*Thank you very much for the juices, Paleta. You should check them out, they have more than just juice cleanses, it’s Farm to Table Meal Delivery and more. Find out about Chef Kelly Boyer’s personal story behind Paleta and her philosophy about food and being green at paleta.com