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Why You Should Follow a LinkedIn Company Page - Archived

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant.

Managing a company’s LinkedIn company page is quite different from managing its Facebook page. The tone, purpose and audience are quite different. So as a social media strategist, I am conscious of the differences between the two social media platforms. I advice my clients to adopt a more serious tone when posting on their LinkedIn Company page, sticking to professional language when sharing news, information, job openings or any updates. None of the “Hey, yo’ wassup?” kind of casual conversation that goes on on other platforms.

What is the same about Facebook Pages and LinkedIn Company Pages is that they both give insights into a company, and into the people that work there.

When you follow a company on LinkedIn, you will see links to current openings, blog posts, company news and other updates. More importantly, you will see how you are connected with the company by looking at the right side of your LinkedIn screen. If you are a job seeker, this is very valuable because by seeing how you are connected to the company, you can find out more about a job you desire, maybe even get an introduction to the hiring manager! By following a company’s LinkedIn page, you will gain insights into the employees who work at a certain company.


How To Follow A Company’s LinkedIn Company Page
1. Sign in to LinkedIn
2. Click on Companies tab and search by company name, keyword or location
3. Click on company page
4. Click follow

LinkedIn is for connecting, if you see someone you’d like to connect with at a company. Send them an inMail, or if you aren’t directly connected, ask someone you know for an introduction.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. But do send me a personal note, tell me how I can help you or simply let me know that you are requesting to connect because you read this blog.